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Project 101864. TELEIOS: Transforming Bible Engagement Communities

This initiative aims to promote the encounter of Christians with God’s Word. It aims to increase the commitment to the Bible in the context of local churches and contribute to the formation of a biblical worldview that allows them to influence culture and society.

From April 2019 to December 2021
Grant Application for the first year: $ 51.192
Minimum viable: $ 46,000
Maximum Scalability: $ 56,000

Impact of the beneficiary
Total number of people that this project intends to impact: 7500

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Project 101937.
Inclusive Publications: reaching “every creature”

The project aims at the development of integrative proposals interconnecting the Word of God with the child carrier of disability, and their environment.

The “Integrative Biblical Materials” are the main support of this project, and are intended to create bridges in different directions. In the first place, between the child with disabilities and the Word of God, and secondly, among other children and adults without disabilities, so that everyone has the opportunity to share the biblical stories and live their faith in community.

Each of the integrated materials, which we will henceforth call “book”, is actually a unit with several simultaneous formats, and the reader will be able to access it:

– The biblical text printed.
– The same text written in Braille.
– The text translated into sign language argentino which can be freely accessed via a QR code or a link.
In addition:
– A friendly source for children with dyslexia.
– The biblical story in pictograms.
– Biblical characters and scenarios to build.
– Activities for working with children with ADD.

From  January 2020 to December 2021
Grant Application for the first year: $ 39.816
Minimum viable: $ 39.816
Scalable Maximum: $ 44,816

Impact of the beneficiary

Total number of people that this project intends to impact: 20000

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Project 101914.
Wichi Bermejo New Testament – First translation

We seek to depelop the translation of the NT to the Wichí Bermejo language. Our intention is to complete the first translation for the Wichí speakers in the area of the Chaco or bermejeña. We want to complete this work within the next eight years and we believe will benefit around 25,000 speakers who today, do not have portions of the Bible in their language.

From January 2020 to December 2027
Grant Application for the first year : $ 52.008
Minimum viable: $ 52.008
Maximum Scalability: $ 55.008

Impact of the beneficiary
Total number of people that this project intends to impact: 25000

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Project 71031.
I’m Wichi. I read and live my Bible.

This project helps wichí to read, understand and live the values of the Bible. The main activity are the courses held in different communities, covering a large geographic area that includes the provinces of Salta and Formosa.

The meetings are manage by volunteers, Wichi brothers and sisters committed to their church and with their own language. They use teaching resources, all in the Wichí of the Pilcomayo language, and in formats suitable to the possibilities of work place.

Preparation of materials and training of tutors is a task performed by the local coordination of the project. Christopher Wallis and the missionary team of the Anglican Church of Northern Argentina are in charge.

The beneficiaries, in addition to learning values and biblical truths, strengthen their capacity of reading comprehension of the language and, as a result, many become new readers of the Bible.

From February 2010 to December 2022

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Project 102028.
Real News.

This project aims to help 200,000 people read the New Testament. Primarily will focus on young readers, children and people in situations of vulnerability.

Each reader will receive a NT and, depending on the age, skills and the context where they live, will be able to choose from multiple learning gadgets to help them read and interact with the bible verse, and to understand the transforming message.

Partnerships with churches and ministries focused on the attention to specific audiences, will strengthen the viability of this project and describe clearly and pragmatically the missionary and service profile of the Bible Society in Argentina.

To reach the 200 000 readers, this project will distribute 100,000 NT in translation NTV, that we will receive from the center of production in Brazil, and other 100,000 NTs. translations of (DHH, RVR, and TLA), produced in Amity, all donated by ABS.

From August 2019 to November 2020

Grant Request for the first year: $77,826
Minimum Viable: $72,826
Maximum Scalable: $80,000

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Inductive Bible Study Project (IBS).

The IBS project is part of a broader strategy Sociedad Bíblica Argentina has developed to stimulate and encourage significant engagement with Scripture in people who possess a Bible in their homes. It seeks to provide them with practical tools and simple guidelines to interact with the Word on a regular basis.

IBS Objective
To develop a genuine passion for God through spiritually significant interaction with His Word

IBS Audience
The IBS project seeks not only to help individuals interested in developing Bible study skills, but also to stimulate group interaction within a local Church setting. The goal is to encourage a culture of serious interaction with the Word in as many congregations as possible.
The network to which the Bible Society belongs will not only allow the project to touch the lives of thousands of Christians in Argentina but will also be available through other Bible Society structures in Latin America, so that the potential for lasting impact is multiplied many times over throughout the region.

IBS Scope
The project will focus on the practical training needed to intelligently interact with God´s Word. It will provide the basic skills that can be used in a setting where there are no other readily available resources for Bible study. The project will not provide in-depth understanding of hermeneutics, though it will guide students through the basic principles of honest Biblical interpretation.

IBS Features
A detailed interactive manual which will take students through the three steps of inductive Bible Study: observation, interpretation and application.
Short video presentations developing the main points of the course, available to students as they work through the manual.
An area of the Bible Society´s website dedicated to Inductive Bible Society, providing samples, additional resources and an interactive platform with students.
An inductive Bible New Testament with notes and examples of the principles applied to the text.

IBSP Outcomes
This project seeks to move away from the intellectual study of Bible. The desired outcome is to awaken people´s passion for the author of the Word, God himself. The response of participants is, therefore, the central focus of every aspect of the course. Success will be measured in terms of a student’s excitement and growth in the discipline of regularly interacting with God´s Word and developing into an obedient and passionate disciple of Christ.

We desire that all people, at all places, will encounter God and His Son Jesus Christ through the Bible, in the language of their hearts, in formats that foster understanding, and without the money being an impediment. To this end we serve all churches translating, publishing, spreading and exalting the Word of God.